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Payor Enrollment, Credentialing, Licensing and Management Department

We provide a vast array of turnkey solutions to healthcare providers & medical facilities nationwide!! We provide these services to hospitals, imaging centers, teleradiology practices, surgery centers, clinics, large and small group practices, multi-specialty group practices, as well as solo practitioners. So regardless of your specialty or practice size we can assist you!!!

We have a very personal touch because we value your time with patients. Technology and our custom tracking system are critical to our success, but answering the phone makes us instantly available when you find the time to contact us. Experience and personal service combined with technology allows us to deliver our vision: Providing excellence in healthcare administration and medical credentialing!

We employ professional administrators and Certified Medical Staff Coordinator’s (CPMSM & CPCS Credentials). Our staff has over 40 years of combined professional healthcare administration, credentialing and regulatory experience.

We would become an integral part of your team! Our expertise allows us to manage key systems and maintain compliance with regulatory and accrediting bodies, developing and implementing credentialing processes and procedures, and overseeing development of and adherence to governance by-laws, department rules and regulations, and medical staff, organizational, and practitioner/provider policies.

Our dynamic team of experts can also provide you with overall management of medical service functions, including database administration as we use a state-of-the-art web based credentialing, verification and tracking software that monitors expirables and continuing medical education.

What sets us apart from other large corporate firms is our personalized touch, as we work directly for YOU! Our personal touch & professional services eliminate the need for your requests, projects or applications to be passed to several departments, which reduces the risk of lost documents and streamlines the entire process. 

The fact is that by outsourcing to us, you can significantly reduce your personnel budget by more than forty percent. We are professional e-HealthCare Administrators, Virtual Credentialing Specialists & Medical Practice Consultants who provide administrative, credentialing and business service solutions from our own offices to help you manage your business. Some of the financial benefits of outsourcing to us are:

• No overhead costs
• No hiring expenses, such as advertising and interviewing
• No "office hours". We work 7 days a week, so we are here when YOU need us!
• No overtime. You only pay for the time we work or on a per project or per file basis
• No need to pay Social Security Taxes, FICA, Workers Compensation, State/Federal Unemployment Taxes
• No holidays, vacations or sick days
• No costly employee benefits packages

• No training or equipment costs. We are professionals and experts in our field and use our own equipment

• You will never have to deal with office politics or personality conflicts

We cater to each client as if they were our only client & we become a direct extension to your practice!!