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Faq Radiologists

FAQ Radiologists

NextRad is run and operated by radiologists. We are a private company without a large bureaucracy or nonmedical interests. We are radiologists ourselves and "we best understand other radiologist's needs" * We utilize "Radiology-on-demand" paradigm. You work when you want to work. * Complete freedom in selecting the India-based location of your choice. We do not require you to move or work from a central office. * We offer the most advanced technology available today. We provide all support staff necessary to poduce quality interpretations. * Our radiologists earn prime industry compensation for both full time and part time positions. * Subspecialty and general radiology are all under one roof.

You must be a trained and board-certified M.D in Radio Diagnosis. You must be licensed in at least one state. For subspecialty division, you must have CAQ and/or be fellowship trained. * For general division, you must be proficient with CT & X-Ray.

Computer/ PACS familiarity is very helpful, however you do not need extensive skills.

Having your own malpractice coverage will be very helpful.

Absolutely not. There are no long term commitments. We are confident that you will like our service. However if for whatever reason you are not satisified, you can cancel our service at any time. Our commitment is to offer high quality services and develop a long-term relationship.