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QA Process

QA Process

NextRad is fully committed to continuous Quality Improvement. We have implemented a multi-phasic QA program: 

Phase 1: 
INITIAL SELECTION. Our radiologists are initially selected on the basis of their outstanding credentials, subspecialty expertise and prior medical malpractice history. All radiologists are Board Certified, and many are fellowship trained or possess Certification of Added Qualifications (CAQ). 

Phase 2: 
PEER REVIEW process which involves double reading of a random sample of cases to assure consistency and accuracy of all radiologist interpretations. All radiologists are required to participate in peer review process. Radiologist performance reports are generated and reviewed regularly by the Chief Medical Officer and Quality Assurance Committee. 

Phase 3: 
INTERNAL PROCESS REVIEW. We assess our workflow areas and monitor for efficiency on a continuous basis. Our staff is trained/coached on ways to eliminate delays and errors. We evaluate our employee turnaround times(TAT), error rate and other factors. 

Phase 4
CLIENT REVIEW involves feedback regarding discrepancies of interpretations received from our clients and referring physicians. We evaluate turnaround times (TAT) and other factors (such as courteous service etc). We also conduct random surveys by sending questionnaires to our clients.